Scam! Is it? [Edit: It isn't a scam]

I had participated in the September Cook-off and you can find myself in the rank 168 with a score of 6. I was promised of receiving an Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs.750. But still not received any e-mail regarding the same. I had also sent an email to codechef regarding this but never received a response. I am sorry for posting it here in the Discuss forum but this was the only other method for me to contact you guys. Here is the link to the ranklist and i am in there. Ranklist - COOK133C | CodeChef @admin

Have patience man… They will give you the amazon vouchers only after they have completed their plag checks and that takes a lot of time.

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I am sorry, the reason I lost my patience was because of not a single email reply even after sending them twice. I thought this was a fake website. Since I had waited for a long time too. I am now happy that they will give the prizes but after some time. I shall wait. Thank you.

Some people have got their vouchers but if there was a plag check on that particular contest ,I don’t see anyone getting rating loss neither my rank was reduced and I know many people who cheated and haven’t been plagiarised what’s the point of plag on these contest other than for the vouchers.

Yeah , dont worry ; maybe wait for 1 more month. And dont worry about this initiative being a scam coz the vouchers for July and August cookoffs have already been distributed to the deserving participants…

Ah, got it! Thanks for the help! So I will wait for 1 more month, I suppose that should be enough time for the same.

Have you received it now?

Thanks for following up. Yes, I did receive it. Now I trust CodeChef and I would like to tell everyone that CodeChef is NOT a SCAM!
Sorry for doubting at first. It was just that the communication was non existant apart from the one email I received about 2.5 - 3 months after the contest which contained the amazon voucher code.