Score Based Ranklist Story

Is it a crime post two discussions same day?

Hello Chefs,

Someone is struggling to find out the peculiar nature of our Score Based Ranklist used in all the LONG challenges every month.

Well, here is how it goes in every long challenge.

In college, I have 3 friends JAVA, CPP and PYTH they both unfortunately share share a similar mindset, similar to mine.

Now, whilst every long challenge JAVA solves some problems first and is placed on top of the leaderboard, seeing JAVA on top PYTH gets motivated and solves the same set of problems and is placed even on top of JAVA.

Now, JAVA is depressed and PYTH is on cloud9.

Hold it right there Sparky, out of nowhere CPP appears and completely solves the same set of problems solved by JAVA and PYTH, now CPP tops the leaderboard and JAVA, PYTH start getting suicidal tendencies.

You’re getting towards the end.

PYTH insists JAVA and CPP for a round table discussion on Score Based Ranklist, both JAVA and CPP are busy solving DP,convex hull problems respectively and PYTH now wants your help to help him understand the nature of Score Based Ranklist.

To make your life easier, PYTH has already discovered that Score Based Ranklist dosen’t depend on Time of Submission,Order of Submission, Penalty for Non AC solutions, Execution time, Memory consumed, Lexicographical order and rand();

PYTH is sure that he is missing out the key factor and needs your help unearthing this factor.

Can you help PYTH find this factor and do it minimal amount of time.

Good luck convincing PYTH.

Hats off to your creativity.

But I really don’t think it matters who is on top till all of you solve same problems.

I mean you are thinking of your friends whose name is just above you after having solved same problems. You should think about all coders out there who have solved more problems than you.

Ps: I really don’t think I will be able to convince PYTH. It always gives me TLE… xD