Script to copy input output on codechef

EDIT: Some people reported that they had to refresh multiple times to get the script working. I’ve looked into it and modified the script accordingly. Please use the newer version.

Hi, because copying input-output on cc was getting on my nerves, I wrote this short script for the same.

EDIT: To use this script, install Tapermonkey extension then after clicking on its icon in extensions bar. You’ll see multiple options.

Click on Create a new script, it will open Tapermonkey’s editor. Just paste your script here and press Ctrl + S to save it, and Boom, you’re done.


how i can use it in my browser??

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Install tapermonkey extension. And paste this script in it.

not working…can you guide where to paste

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showing compilation errors

How to use this make small video , bcz it doesn’t work .

@no1coder @ssrivastava990 I’ve added the instructions to use this script in the original post. Please check.


I just tried using it, and it worked for some of the problems ! But when I opened the page for the problem Divide Candies, it didn’t work for me, can you check it if it is working for you ?

Hi @satin1004 , this seems to be an issue with codechef on slow internet. Somehow sometimes, it doesn’t load the whole page at once, triggering the script to start when the input output sections haven’t been rendered yet.

Just referesh the page again, and it should work. I’ll try to look for a permanent fix.

PS: Let me know if it doesn’t work even after refereshing.

You can use competitive companion

Yeah, it worked after refreshing, thanks for making this script ! :slight_smile:

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errors on several lines please do check

Its working after I am triggering the script everytime after refresh. Can you tell how to keep this as permanent

Hi these are not errors but warnings. Just save the script and it will run.

Hi that’s an issue with codechef on slow internet. I’ll try to look for a permanent fix.

I need to reload several times to get the copy button… :frowning:

@sumit_king Hi several people reported this bug. I’ve modified script accordingly to consider this. Please use the modified script.

Try this VScode extension too, it can run testcases for you and show the verdict. Saves a lot of time and necessary work.