Seeking guidance to crack Google interviews?

I recently got shortlisted for a role in Google India and I don’t want this lose this chance.

A little background about me: I practice problems on Codeforces but I have never participated in contests due to fear (of my rating going down :disappointed: ). Also, I do leetcode almost all the time.
I am currently relying on a list of questions asked in Google India onsite interviews and CP problems from here

Can you suggest any resources/advice/suggestions that can help me crack the interviews?

Geeksforgeeks is one of the best places where you can find Popular Interview Questions. The Questions asked in Interviews are not like the questions you practice. Some involve mixed concepts.
Anyways, here are a few tips that can help you.

  1. If you have not understood the question, do ask the interviewer again.
  2. Always ask about corner cases, like whether there are negative elements in the array etc.
  3. Do come up with a Brute-Force solution. Because, interviewer expects your approach in Brute-Force. As said, any question will definitely have a brute-force solution.
  4. Now, try optimising in terms of space and time.
  5. Finally, code the logic in such a way that the readability is best. Name your variables meaningful, with proper indentation (applies to all languages) that beautifies your code.
  6. Talk louder with confidence even while you are thinking about the logic, and even while coding.
    Cheers. :grinning:
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I would suggest you to participate in leet-code contests regularly .
You can find the best answer on how to crack a google interview by a googler himself here : How to get job in google ? - Desi QnA

Also,you can read Abdullah’s experience :

Could you possibly share how did you get this opportunity?

A recruiter reached out to me.

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for sde?