Seemingly working solution flagged as wrong(CHEFPRMS)

For this year’s snackdown, I made a code for the problem ‘CHEFPRMS’. My code compiles, and runs while giving desired outputs on multiple of my machines with different compilers but every time I submit my code, it gets flagged as a ‘wrong answer’.
Not sure what I’m supposed to do now.

You have to be careful with your input and output methods. Put your input and output methods on here and make sure your program works for every test case.

for me also it is showing wrong in spite i have submitted over 200 times with different style getting wrong answer in local checked with 200 values and verify it is working in local

their description is wrong stating they dont have to be distinct it says “not necessarily distinct”, when in reality they have to be distinct. i just got it to work.

The description is correct! You’re interpreting it incorrectly. See my answer to:

Everything is fine. You are flagged as the wrong answer because you soln misses some cases. Reread the problem statement. Further queries on this page will lead to suspension of your account.