Segment tree : Video course

I am working on segment trees series to make it easy to understand specially for beginners.

Since I was too busy because of the college stuff , till now we have these lectures.

#01 Course Overview
#02 Segment tree introduction
#03 Segment Tree Implementation

I am trying to make videos as soon as i could.
Thank you for your support guys.

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I have watched it all bro in about a week after you uploaded ! Nice :+1:

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wow , that’s fast :+1:


You didn’t participated in August Challenge?

Thanks, I was looking for ST tutorials!

Thanks bro, we need coders like you.
Learn and Share :slight_smile:

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same goes with you buddy , “Learn and share (like and subscribe Too)”.

soon going to upload editorial for Aug challenge.

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I am happy that my videos are helping others.


You’re doing a great job man! Always love your content. :smile:

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well thank you for appreciation.