Selection criteria for ICPC Regionals

Last year Amritapuri made a really good change to their selection criteria for the Onsite Regionals but it was really unfair to announce selection criteria after the registrations were over. Thus it was really unfair to a lot of teams (including mine).

Why can’t selection criteria for all regionals be declared before registrations begin? I don’t think it was announced for any regional before the online contest (or it would help if it was not buried somewhere within the regional websites).

And although probably never going to happen, a balanced problemset for the online round would be great.


If they announce before the contest , then no one will opt for amritapuri onsite except top coders . Hence , there is imbalance in competetion

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I dont see it as a problem. Let people chose where they want to go.

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Well , i being noob always think in that way :sweat_smile:

They didn’t technically. The rule was “Selection will be on basis of rank only. There will be a cap on maximum no. of teams from a college.” and the rule was followed. Except, everyone expected the cap to be 1 or 2. It was 25.
So, It can be said that, they didn’t give complete information. But not that they changed the rule. It was our mistake to assume the cap to be 1 or 2