Selection Procedure for ACM-ICPC 2019 Kanpur

What will be the selection procedure for Kanpur regionals 2019?
The Amritapuri website says top 70-80 slots will be reserved for the best teams, and the rest will be filled up with top teams from each college.
Will the same procedure be followed for Kanpur? I can’t find any announcement on their site.

Can you share the source of your info about Amritapuri regionals ( page link ) ?

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Amrita was helpful enough to announce its selection criteria before hand. Last year all regionals announced when onsite round started.

With that said here is last year’s kanpur’s criteria.


Is this time penalty procedure same everywhere roughly (or special only for kanpur ) ?
I mean other contests like codeforces/codechef lunchtime too follow almost same time penalty rule ?

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ICPC Online Round has a penalty of 20 minutes as far as I know, while in CF it is usually of 10 mins.

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Anybody who knows the selection criteria of Gwalior Region ??? of Last year ??

“Anybody who knows”
Any specific reason to reply to me? :expressionless:


Dont ask me about kgp. I dont remember and not available on web archive. It was more or less college first. Afair no second-ranked college team was selected.


don’t have to be rude for that in your reply bruh, chill ._.

Official Selection criteria is also released by kanpur regionals for 2019 . Prelims Rules