Semifinals result of Techgig code gladiator 2019

Your rank is 379 :slight_smile:

I would have got selected in finals if I knew they at least provide stay…
I didn’t submit ques… regret :sweat_smile:

Thats the most important discussion we do about ACM ICPC rather then about difficulty of problems :wink::joy:
Check discuss.

:joy::joy::joy: But why u at least participate, and after selection it’s your call, to go into finale or not.

is this for all contestants or they invited them , and one request to all if there is any competition like this then plz notify us also :slight_smile:

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Yeah had some other works to do… so missed it

I didn’t see that competition on hackerearth. The link was shared on our college grp so we made a team and participated.

No there is no reimbursement for travel. I asked the contact person specified in the finale guidelines and he said there would be no travel reimbursement of any manner

are you going for finals??

HII GUYS my rank in semifinal is 131.can you suggest me that i should go or not in the final ?

i m coming this year and u??

yes I’m coming…but my tickets are in waiting til now…

BTW where you are from

Oh… Nice I hope u will come I m from Jaipur Rajasthan and u…

Lucknow, UP…

If u can afford travel expenses then surely u should come.

I am selected for the final. Can anybody tell me the major topics which I should practice before the final on 23rd June?

@andrew1234 @karangreat234 will help

Last year there was a question related to graphs , so I think you can expect a question related to graphs. But I don’t think you can predict from which domain the question will come . Last year they allowed us to search the web so the question will not be any standard problem .


Any idea whether the onsite round of Barclay will be a normal coding event or a development kind of stuff ?

I think it is a hackathon.