Semifinals result of Techgig code gladiator 2019

The semifinals results of the contest are out after checking and verification , I want to know how many participants will selected for finals as previous year 300 was selected my rank is 174 and in the list total no. Are 507 , can anyone tell me :slight_smile:
Results : Semifinal results

All of them are selected. People who do not confirm their participation will be excluded.

I was selected for the final round …I don’t know the ranking creteria

My rank was 674 and I scored 160 marks in the semifinals round till then they send me a shortlisted mail…

Yes…we don’t know how they selected my rank was 444 with score 200 and my rank is 170 after shortlist.

@anon13835146 @samarthtandon Is there any scheme of reimbursement of ticket because when I fill the form they ask write down the train number train ticket number arrival time departure time departure train number and departure train ticket number so please can you explain me either they reimburse or not .

It was my first time in code gladiator …I don’t know about their process…

I live in Lucknow, so I also wanted to know more about reimbursement

I was one of the finalists of code gladiators 2018 . They do not reimburse the travel expenses but they would provide you stay arrangements. After the plagiarism test many accounts are excluded and some people make multiple accounts and they are excluded too . This time they selected 500 candidates and I am sure many will not confirm their seats and they will again release a second list . So you can expect around 300 to 400 candidates in finale.

can you tell me your experience in CG 2018 finals…Is it worth to attend??

CG 2018 was a grand event . I was surprised to find advertisements welcoming finalists in Mumbai airport . The prize money is quite good . TV channels were covering the prize distribution.
But I think the competition was not too high as it says that the largest coding competition. It does hold a Guinness book of world records title. But I do not think you will face a lot of competition there .
1 year ago I was just a beginner in CP with only 5 to 6 months of practice. Still I was able to reach the finale . The questions were good and I scored 50 out of 200 still my rank was around 50.
Though these time I can see many good coders participating .
I did not receive any internship opportunities through CG 2018 .


Tell us more about stay arrangements and food facilities.and from which city u r

You wont be disappointed by food and stay facilities. They will make stay arrangements in a nice place and the food arrangements is also good you will be provided a variety of cuisines and snacks there .

I am giving food reviews in a coding platform :joy::joy:.

I am from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.


are you going this time or not??

I am not going this time because I am thinking to attend Barclays hackathon challenge on 27th ( did not receive the confirmation mail but hoping to get selected as ranked below 10 in first round)


No bro it’s important to know where we stay and how the food quality is…in website they say that the stay is for 23 and 24 th June what that means bcz competition is only on 23 so it’s that mean we can enjoy on 24

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Last year there was shortage of time and the prize distribution was completed at around 11:30 PM. So I think they made separate days for coding event and prize distribution .

Why they need my train number and ticket no.

To make sure that you are attending the event. Last time they asked me to show my flight ticket details :joy:

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yes I stood 307 after verification…

What’s your rank??? Did u participate

What’s your full name