Serious question for *Top Coders*!

I invite all the genius coders to answer these questions. Those coders- who impress me like anything, when they solve the whole set of questions in any contest. Truly flabbergasted!

Even a genius was once a beginner! So, I am asking how did they did it?

What challenges they faced? There would surely be a time when they were also struggling and managing to solve only some problems? How did they pickup their calibre from that level to this prodigy level?

Please answer, explaining exactly your journey? What you learned(tactics,etc.)? Your experiences? How did you clear your concepts like dp, trees, etc?
Don’t be shy to share your story!
It will inspire us!

And lastly how do you feel when you are often on the top of the ranklist!
That feeling!
When you are ruling!
You must have got a different badass aura around you!


@aryanc403 @ssjgz @l_returns @vijju123



Thanks, but:

That’s not me :slight_smile:

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We all would be very grateful to you, if you can share your story/tips,etc. Don’t hesitate. We all know that you are a phenomenal coder.
Please enlighten us!


I’ll link to my tips again, but I don’t think they’re really any different to what any one else will say :confused:


You need to notify top coders. I hope they don’t spend time in these threads anymore.

Try adding Gennedy, Uwi and top 50 people’s in world and India. Hope someone will answer.

Here is an answer by those people, um_nik, motarack, aashisgup, i_love_tanya_romanova, etc. All of them are international/candidate masters over Codeforces.-
Basically they the same things, they have put years of consistent hardwork to achieve that and some of them had Math Olympiad experience even before they jumped into CP.
Truth is that most of us(ofcourse including me) just like to hear advices but don’t follow them because it requires pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. @ssjgz put it as simple as one can, practice, practice and practice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Read this blog for their answers.


I think everyone here knows what to do, what not to do, why waste time in such activities?


I guess even you know the answer. If you think there is some ninja technique for becoming top coder, then the answer is NO .



As your bio says " tu Karam krta ja…fal ki chinta na kr " bhagwat Geeta… :slight_smile: , then stop asking these questions there is no short trick to achieve big in life just do it, best way to predict the future is to make it…many blogs on cc and cf are there we all know what we have to do …but we didn’t do , one thing more u r 4 star in 4 to 5 contest so I think u r good as compare to me , but be consistent u will achieve one day :sunglasses:

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