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What did you mailed, can you show us here. This will be a great help Thanks

Hello dude,
You can mail to this guy and he will refer you.
Connect with him linkedin.
You will get the test link.
Can do same with other companies also.
I have attached the screenshot here.

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I used digit dp + binary search

digit dp -> find number of lucky numbers till x

then we need to find k + count(l-1)

just run binary search over it.

Thanks man, appreciated

How much did you score ? i followed the same approach and score 21 only … rest were WA. And what can be expected cutoff according to you ?

I cannot say about expected cutoff. I got full score.

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last time I got 164/170. this time 20/170. sad rxn.

If anybody receive any mail regarding results, please let us know here .

Do we have to find Kth lucky number, or if Kth number is lucky or not??

Kth lucky number

Can you please explain your DP. I’m able to find for powers of 2 using bits but not able to generalise it. Thanks in advance.

#define int long long
vector<short> num;
int dp[65][2][8][2];

int solve(short pos = 0, bool f = 0, short mask = 0, bool valid = false){
    if(pos == num.size())return valid;
    int &res = dp[pos][f][mask][valid];
    if(~res)return res;
    short lst = 1;
    if( !f) lst = num[pos];
    res = 0;
    for(short i = 0; i <= lst; ++i){
       short newMask = 0;
       if(mask >> 1 & 1)newMask+=4;
       res+=solve(pos+1, f || (i < lst), newMask, valid || (newMask == 5));
   return res;

int cnt(int k){
   return solve();

signed main(){
  int t;
  cin >> t;
      int l,r,k;
      cin >> l >> r >> k;
      if(l) k += cnt(l-1);
      int lo = l, hi = r, ans = -1;
      while(lo <= hi){
           int mi = lo + hi >> 1;
           if(cnt(mi) >= k)ans = mi, hi = mi - 1;
          else lo = mi + 1;
      cout << ans << "\n";
  return 0;

Did u got the mail after test?

Really cool. Thanks!

No :sweat_smile:

Anybody who scored well in this test got the call till now? I mean I scored 95 in this test and I am sure that I would not be called but if anybody got the call for this, please reply!

you got the interview call from last time?

For interview? In April? Yes.
I scored full score in that test.
Afaik they didnt offered anyone an internship just took interviews. They even laid off some of their employees.

Yeah, I know you scored full in that too (that’s not something new XD). If they are not hiring you, whom for they are looking gennady or Petr? hahaha


I agree to your point that he is awesome, but when it comes to hiring maybe after some point in competitive, it may not matter. I am saying this just as a discussion topic and not as a comment on any individual that maybe there are better candidate who show enough problem solving but are better developers.

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