Sharechat Hackerearth Intern

Hello Please help me in solving this question.

The contest is over.

I am not able to figure out the approach as L,R is very large


What are the constraints?
PS: I would recommend you to check this problem link
along with the editorial
PPS: Here’s a video for visualization as well :joy:

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10^18 L,R,K
and also 200 test cases.

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Has anybody given sharechat hackerearth contest for internship

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Can you please tell where do you get the info about the hirings?


I have applied to their career site and mailed them.
Then they provided me the contest link which took place today.

This is not helping out.

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what is the duration of the intern?
and how you got to know about the openings at their career website?

Duration of internship is from 2 months to 6 months and I am not aware of the opening I just mailed to their careers.

Yes bro, it was very tough ques of digit dp. How much did you score?

What they took test again?
Someone remind them that they have to announce the results of interviews they took 3 months ago for internships.


And this time the digit dp question seemed to be difficult to solve with in time frame.

I scored 70 only.

I scored 91 only in this test out of 170 . Last time i cleared the test and also my interview went really well . They must consider those applications too .

Bro what have you done in 50 points question.
Please tell.

50 marks ques is available on web . Codeforces 349B . I checked it later . In the last question I used standard digit dp with binary search . But don’t know why it was giving wrong answer . I know some people who scored 170 using the same approach .

Can u share ur code for digit dp problem. I couldn’t solve it.

Tbh those applications were for joining in May 2020. A lot of people just joined other places and finished internship at that place as well.

Sharechat just ghosted people after taking interviews. So be careful. Doing well in the interview doesnt ensure they have a vacancy.


I contacted the HR and she told me that if you have any other offer please continue with that , company is not sure about taking interns seeing the threat of Covid19 . But atleast they should have made the final result transparent by throwing out an official mail

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