Sharechat Internship

March Challenge is again Sponsored by ShareChat but did anyone received any interview call for Sharechat internship after Feb cookoff?


Yes, I got a call.


I was rank 13 in India and 55 global in March Cook-Off Div A and I didn’t get any call/email yet.

Congrats Buddy, Are u selected for the internship??

Just algorithm round has finished, there will be more rounds and then selection.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

I actually did get selected. Looks like the process is different for different people.


Can anyone selected tell what was asked in interview?


Its so sad, I think there are so many students who didn’t get any call/email yet. I think they have to disclose the selection process and the selected students for respective rounds.

yeah that’s correct . Also they must have taken into account user’s resume while giving calls so that might be a reason , else AIR 13 is enough to get a call.

Ah, it might happen that they have not sent emails/calls for March Cook-Off ,
@nilesh3105 might have received that for February Cook-Off :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion NO but at the end final discretion lies upon the company.

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@kaushala I am quite sure you will get a call. If I remember correctly, it took them more than a week after last months cook off so you just have to wait

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@nilesh3105 was any further round conducted after algorithm round ?

hey , @kaushala , I am Neer from ShareChat. From now on, I will be taking care of all the queries regarding candidate selections. mail me at .