Short ranking reduced.

No mail received. I rarely use ideone and keep it on secret if at all and I am always sure to never pass any links of my solutions at least during the contest. Solutions to both the problems had similar style of coding and were 101% written by me, please mail/provide some evidence.

Problem 1

Problem 2

UPD : mail received. So apparently this user ( ) who just made his account for cook off had access to my second solution. I have no idea how :. I think its best I stop using online IDEs.

and did they consider to rejudege the submissions for
problem for ANKPAREN because they had wrong input format ?

No, it is not the reason, the solutions you mentioned in question are from MAY Cook-off and belongs to you only. Your ratings are dropped for JUNE Cook-off. Once check your solved problems. You can realize that there are no problems from JUNE Cook-off. I think this is because of plagiarism.

Okay, so I updated the solution links. The argument remains the same. There is just no way the 2nd problem can be considered for plagiarism because you can see my code is completely unique with all the comments and debugging couts. You can see the spacing and the initial statements are all the same in both the solutions. I mean come on at least provide me a soln which you consider to be similar.

If you think that your account is wrongly penalized, you can mail to admin at:, they will help you, but first read the Codechef code of conduct completely. I think you already got mail from Codechef about why they are dropped your rating.

Updated. Thanks.