Should Codechef do something about the Contribution Page?

I just saw my profile in the Contribution list and I am pretty suprised and sad at the same time that, having done small/no useful contribution here on this platform, I am on the list. I think, there are much more people who deserve to be on the list.

According to my opinion, contributions should not be just based on number of :heart: received.
Whats your view on this?

I have seen first time that being on the top list and criticizing the system. BTW your point seems valid

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In your view, is there any other way to rank contributions?
If not then you should not criticize their way.
Criticize their way only if you have a better suggestion.

Not criticizing. I just placed my opinion.My contributions don’t even count here bcz they are not based on helping people. Whereas there are so many people always helping others and they should be on the list, not me

Please delete this. Don’t make personal comments

Okay as your wish! Memes are good for heart :slight_smile: When the person whom i tagged can make personal comments why can’t we. :slight_smile:


Ok , this is funny , :rofl:

Bhai mene kisko kya bola ab , tum sab fake ID bana ke galli doge to koi kab tak sahan kre ?
( you also make fake ID just post anything )

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Do you mean gaali dena h to real id se do :upside_down_face:

Lmao , , ,No … but why if u wanna crticise just tell me what I did wrong don’t post anything about me by making some fake profile .
And those who think I post shit then I don’t care , I ask and many good coders are there who help me alot .

Last tak sab post aese controversy m kyu change hote h😩