Should CODECHEF introduce HACK the solution feature?

Hey mates, as we all know that CF has HACK feature and I think Codechef should also introduce HACK feature because today I was solving this question [ Chef and Sum | CodeChef] and first 2 times my solution got WA .
And while fixing it, I found that in this question we have to find two distinct valid indexes whose sum is equal to K, but there could be case when only 1 integer is equal to K and second case when only one integer added 2 times to itself is equal to K. And this two cases should not be considered as pair.
So when I opened others solution and took one of correct solution randomly:
[CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone]
This solution give Yes output on both of the above mentioned cases, which is wrong.
If this type of loophole in correct solution is possible then it might also happens during CONTESTS…
So What is your views? Should CODECHEF introduce HACK feature ?


They should also introduce a report feature to report for plag solutions


Yes the solution is wrong and yet got accepted due to weak test cases. But I think the problem was asked way back in past and codechef is evolved. I think they have strong test cases now and you would not see this kind of things anymore

Yes you are right…