Should I recreate my account on the same email that I previously deleted account

So my previous account was caught in plagiarism and I didn’t open the account for few weeks, I didn’t knew my rating fell from 1700 to 1200 . I didn’t mailed them directly deleted my account and opened new one on the same email id. Because I didn’t wanted my account to Plagiarism. Now @admin I want to know that is my mail still associated with my previous id and and this id can some still linked with my previous id and someone can still see that I am associated with plagiarism ( I want a fresh start) . If not should I continue with this same id or delete this one and create new one from different email id?
Anyone please reply before next competition.

yes,you can

thankyou @islam_123 but I wanted to know should I make new if from old mail or on new mail id

I would suggest that you should have one separate email for coding websites.

Thankyou @neelabh11_new but how would recruiters know its my profile when it’s linked to a different mail then the one they have with them?

for all these stuff you should have one email id that is
whether its linked-in or any job platform or any free lancing platform or anything related with coding or development.

Here, I didn’t mean only code-chef, code-forces or just competitive programming websites.