Should I start learning Competitive programming now itself?

Context here… I am a 16 year old who started learning programming when I was 11. I started with arduino then moved to golang and now currently python. I am not a competitive programmer, I program mostly for fun. I like making games(and I have), however people keep saying to take part in competitive programming. I like the idea of it but it’s just too confusing for me. I like to have fun when I program. Should I start learning competitive programming now or should I wait until college?

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Start now bro. By the time you are in college, you will be way ahead of your peers. But yes, since you are in Class 11th too. Focus on JEE more than coding. Because, getting a good college should be your first priority. Getting into a good college will make your life much much easier.


It’s really up to you…even I am 16 and my parents constantly force me to drop this and focus on PCM but I enjoy CP very much. I started this month itself on Codechef but I started with CP in June. prioritize and then, if you find it interesting, take up CP now. It will help you in college

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For Argument:
Do it. One exam may or may not change your future. But consistently improving your Skills will.
So, with creative coding, hacking etc… you are taking your creativity to next level. It will be helpful in college.
Okay, people may say (especially your teachers ) that you should give as much time to JEE as possible…But it is not necessary that you spend all your time on solving books and doing math. You can still continue with coding while preparing for entrance exams, by doing a minimal 1-2 hours a day. Be consistent but don’t put in too much time
Well, continue with coding… It opens you lot of opportunities… Even if you can’t clear JEE, there are lots of other opportunities.

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Against Argument:
Had I been in this situation, I would have focused solely on JEE and left coding aside.

“A wise man always does what is required in the situation and not what he likes to do.”

See, the JEE Exam is a very big challenge. Millions of students are preparing for JEE and only a handful are chosen. If you will waste time in coding then you will be out of the race. Read Physics, Chemistry and Maths for now.
When JEE Advanced will get over, you will get plenty of free time with no stress (if your exam went well). During that time you can learn coding as much as you can. Once you get a good college, you will get better guidance for learning high level coding and pursue your interest.
I still believe that 1-2 hours a day of basic learning and practice won’t have any negative effect but participating in 10 day long LONG CHALLENGES could be disastrous tbh


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@planetoid_128 focus on jee bro you will have plenty of time in college for improving cp skills

Congratulations on doing these things early and finding your area of interest. But to be honest, I will also suggest you the same thing as my friends discussed here. You should focus more on JEE as of now which will help you to get into top college so that you will have great future with a lot of good opportunities like internship and full time job. On the other hand, you should also keep your consistent practice of competitive programming about 1 hour a day, as suggested by @wicked_knight , but JEE should be the first priority. good luck Bro :+1:t2:

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