Should I stop taking part in contests?

I have been performing poorly in the coding contests. Should I stop and just focus on practising for some time?

Have you upsolved shuffle yet? Your profile says NO. Do you think you can improve like that? I have spent over 18 hours reading editorials, linked materials and other resources to try to understand the solutions for some of the harder problems(for me). I’ve even dry run(follow the code on paper) 200 lines of code to understand some codes. Competitive programming expects effort.


Hi @everule1, Ma’am I haven’t solved that problem but I have been practising problem from the codechef CCDSAP section under prepare tab

I am no expert in CP but I had been in your place a couple of months back. My rating was dropping after every contest. It was depressing but I still decided to participate in contests along with practice, without concentrating much on rating.

My rating graph…

You should continue upsolving problems, solve SPOJ and CF Div 2 problems and hope for the best.

Hope this helps.


Ummm, you can see my rating graph also. The main part of coding is not to get better rank in a contest, but it is to upsolve questions which you can’t do. See my rating graph, you will see what I have gone through. Right now also, I have had a big drop, coming from 5 stars to 3 in three competitions only. But that is because I am not in my form.