Should More Short Contests be organised on codechef?

Codeforces orgainises a huge number of short contests every month while codechef organises only cookoff , lunchtime and starter for div3.

shorter contests needed to be increased as long challenge involves mass cheating


Do they even have enough harder problems to increase the contest count if they wanted to? I’m pretty sure their bottleneck even at this point is Medium+ problems, which is why they at least introduced the Div3 contests where even the last problem can be Easy-Medium.

Frankly the Codeforces model works of “Contests will be held when a good problemset is ready” is probably the best balance between problem quality and contest frequency.


Yeah, @explodingfrz is correct - there is a lack of Medium+ problems that we have to even consider increasing the frequency of any Div1 contests.

The only possible alternative is to hold more Div3/2 contests, similar to Codeforces (even Codeforces on an average has 2 Div1 contests in a month).