Showing partially solved even though I got 100% (Duplicate)


link to my solution
The above given link is the link to the problem I solved .
I got both the test cases correct for this problem , but it is still showing partially solved . can anyone help me with this ?


happening with everybody, man


Anyone have an explanation for it ?

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That’s due to the varied score distribution for each question of the contest. For this particular one its 50 points.

Yes that was a external rated contest and the initial questions are of only 50 points . But according to them you solved them completely but according to codechef they only consider complete solution if you get 100 points (that you never gonna get for those questions ) .

I solved a few questions in practice and they are fully solved but stil codechef shows partially solved.

please somebody get this issue fixed, it has happened to me multiple times;

The moderators are trying to fix the issue. Please bear with the community.