Sigsegv error in question FLOW001

my code runs for test cases but gives runtime error id don’t know why or please help me to resolve this .THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
using namespace std;
int main()
long int i,n,a[10],b[10];
int sum = a[i]+b[i];
return 0;

Ur printing all test case answers in last test case.but u have to individually print for each test case.So remove that extra for loop calculate sum and print it in first loop only.Actually there is no need of array ,he told u to print sum of two numbers so in that first for loop scan two variables and print a+b and ur problem is done and n limit is 1000

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Tell me this, why you have created an array of fixed size i.e. a[10] and b[10] and n as variable.
What if the value of n \gt 10, that’s the reason you are getting SIGSEGV error.

It’s a simple problem, why you are making it complicated? :slight_smile:

Thanks for Reading
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