please don’t provide the hint to solve the problem i just need to remove SIGTSTP error .

It is giving Time limit exceed,
not showing any error.
It is because your approach is having complexity of O(n*(max-min)) that will give you anyway a TLE.
Even there would be a single loop from min to max it will take 10^9 computation in worst case, Which will also give you TLE.

This is a solution:

Try to understand this approach.
If not able to understand, will give aprroach details.

Its not time limit error if you run this with some random input in “code compile run” platform you will get SIGTSTP error.
Its not even showing output. Its due to some other reason.
please help Sir.

i think you are storing values in “int” and constraints are up-to 10^9. that might giving error. you should use “long long” instead.

See the highlighted status
SIGTSTP also oocurs when its Time limit exceed.

yes that is also a mistake,
But due to that a number may take garbage value if it is beyond range of datatype declared.
It will not give any error for that.
I have minimized the code still showing same error .
updated the code still the same problem