SIGTSTP - Runtime Error

I tried to solve the problem ‘ADAKING’ from July long challenge but I am getting a SIGTSTP error on CodeChef compiler, while it is working fine on other compilers.

Here’s a small segment of code which looks simple yet giving me the error.

using namespace std;

#define max 100

int main(){
    int t,k;
        char mat[max][max];
        int num[max][max];

        /* rest of the code */
    return 0;

I am stuck!
Kindly help me rectify the code.

You should not discuss about live contest. Don’t run your code without custom input on CC ide

Alright! I just wanted to figure-out why I am getting such error even while initializing the variables and for that reason, I didn’t show my complete code.
Well, thanks for the reply:)