Similar question should not be allowed in contest

recently i was solving the problem, i found that
is exact same as link
@admin please look into this issue


So this contest is unfair!!:rage::rage::scream::scream:


This is absolutely unacceptable. The question was there in September Circuits itself, a huge disadvantage for people who didn’t solve it. Many might have copied the solutions from HackerEarth. Please dismiss the question @admin for calculating ratings. Thanks @nvdrag_123 for pointing this out!
Can you do something @vijju123 ?


Isn’t the question on Hackerearth a challenge/approximate problem? Are the solutions same? If not, then the Qs cant be said same.

Asking as I see the constraints of the questions varying.

when will editorials be posted??they are not posted till now. People have posted unofficial editorials but that’s only for easy problems.

Codechef should upload the editorials the last 2-3 questions of div1

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to me, this problem (named All Substring) from lunchtime seem similar to this problem from hacker earth circuit. But, I liked it because if it did give me an advantage then it is because of my practice and problem was not that similar that I can simply copy-paste editorial.

it is a challenge problem, but when you look at the best submission, you get pretty much of idea how to solve it. as constraints here are for wi<1, so we just have to modify, also another thing is the person who has invested time in this question previously, would definitely solve the lunchtime question.

@admin 's comment on this.