Slots not available in mumbai

All slots in Mumbai are booked for CCDSAP exam on 22nd Sept. Can someone please tag admins here so that they can look into it. Thanks


Oh my God :frowning: I didn’t know that…

Are they at gonna add other slots though?

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I just booked a slot two hours ago. I must’ve got one of the last ones🤭

We have to be professional on Discuss, or vijju will scold us again…


Hey guys, we have added few more slots in Mumbai centre. You can register now in those
available slots.


Yep, finally got the slot! thanks

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@anon55659401 @l_returns @ssrivastava990
Yes, he has every reason to scold you. Diverting topics and starting personal conversations are in no way acceptable to this forum. Notice that the OP has posted this topic and is need of some help regarding CCDSAP. This doesnt entitle you to use this topic as a window to start random discussions. Most of the time, geniune help is not recieved by the OP’s since the replies are filled with lots of spam.
Note that this forum follows a stackoverflow approach, which is STRICTLY against non-helpful posts.
Also keep in mind our Indian tradition Atithi Devo Bhava and restrain from using any language other than english here, as non-hindi speaking people generally shun away from such conversations.
I want to bring this point forward to all the regular members of this forum, and ask for your help in keeping the spirit of cp healthy here. :smile:



accha and if someone does not know English, what should they stop asking ?? 

What is your solution? They should, instead of learning English, start using their native language? Imagine coming to discuss and see first page full of chinese, telugu, japanese and all the languages which you DONT understand.

English is the STANDARD language across MANY forums on internet. Our problem statements are in English, our EDITORIALS are in ENGLISH.

Do NOT try to justify bullshit by giving more bull shit reasons.

And do not start randomly asking about hiring challenge and shit in topics.

This post is discussion for CCDSAP only, and you yourself are deviating from topic by bashing me.

@anon55659401 if he is deviating from the discussion by bashing you, then what did you, @ssrivastava990 and @l_returns are doing?

His post does not have anything directed towards you, its directed towards the entire trio of you. I can understand 1 spam reply, 2 spam reply, even 5 spam reply. But 16 spam replies? I think you will agree if you see that it is too much for me to let go :frowning: . He is correct in asking you people to stop. And all of his points are sensible.

And lastly, a point which I feel I should answer as it can be genuine confusion-

And is discussing about coding contests a crime ?

In a thread labelled as “Slots not available in mumbai” ? Yes, definitely. You don’t start random contest discussion is some thread just like that. Create a separate thread for this and I really don’t mind.

I dont even mind the spam. What I mind is spam making it difficult to read, navigate and filter relevant answers.

To all 3 of you, I am deleting the spam from this thread and taking some mod action. I cannot indefinitely let go of things., esp when some community member has to get bashed on pointing out the flaws. I am very sad at this turn of events :frowning:


See, the same thing is done by others as well. But only I am always getting blamed. This is what I feel is impartail @vijju123 May I send you countless examples where other people were doing this on Discuss forum ? What about them ?

We will take this in PM. Not in public here like that.

I agree that infinite pro should have tagged all 3 of you. From what I make out of the post, it was directed to the entire trio of you, not just you. dont worry about that.