Slow speed of submissions


The submissions are taking a long time to process (just like what happened during LONG contest)

Since it is just a mere 3 hour contest, it can be of concern. Also, snackdown pre-elimination also begins after lunchtime today, it can be a serious inconvenience during that if not fixed.

To fellow members- Please send a mail to codechef and report the issue. More mails will mean quicker action.

EDIT- A big thanks to the community for co-operation. Sources say that the contest has been CANCELLED as it cannot be extended (due to Snackdown pre-elimination round). It will be UNRATED, and codechef will be briefly in read only mode to fix it (so that the issue doesnt occur in snackdown pre-elimination)

EDIt-2- Source-

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Yes, I noticed they are taking quite a while to submit. Maybe two contests on the same day are causing this problem? Hopefully the Pre-Elimination isn’t affected.


Because of this we don’t know either we submitted correct code or not and then we start dong other until one is processed. If in the end code isn’t right then our ranks will regrade.
This isn’t expected by codechef.


Have patience, there is so many contest and work lined up, everything will come up it’s pace

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Also rank list is not available of lunchtime…


facing this problem too.

so what are we supposed to do now,its more than half an hour…

I don’t want this contest to be rated. At least for me. This is not done. Anyone else who wants the same?


It now says internal error in the system too

In my opinion contest should become unrated or extended. However extending the contest for at least 30+ minutes(which is the time lost) will make it collide with Snackdown Pre-elimination. So making it unrated is the only solution.

PS I hope the issue will be resolved by the time Snackdown starts otherwise it will ruin all the fun.


:frowning: internal error occurred in the system

What does this mean? I got this when i submitted the code… after 24mins of waiting

@admin, please make this contest unrated. Its not fair. Very irresponsible on Codechef’s part.

It has been 20 mins since i submitted my code. But there is no result.

contest need to unrated for slow submissions

facing the same problem.
please make this contest unrated.

facing the same problem

I think the condition is similar to ICPC online test or snackdown qualifiers, I don’t think making it unrated is fair. As this happens in almost all big contests on codechef where huge participation is involved.

Contest should be unrated

Contest cancelled. We get this message while submission - ‘contest into consideration, we have decided to cancel L’

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Lol, they are listing about cancellation on the submission page instead of making an announcement! Further,’ we have decided to cancel “L” '. xD

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