Small Bug- Incorrect Link to contest Incorrect Redirection

alt text@admin
I would like to report bug in codechef site here.
e.g. - Contest Page | CodeChef or any other contest which is over.
When clicked on Have a look at our upcoming contests: section e.g. COOK92
Takes us to
instead of Contest Page | CodeChef

alt text

Cannot reproduce the bug. Please add more information, more details citing how you force the bug to happen (especially the links involved) with screenshots. Its redirecting me to the “Choose division” page correctly when I click on contest link.

These are the images. My mouse arrow is on COOK92. But incorrect link was on when i was browsing through chrome. After your comment i tried this on edge, mozilla, and chrome mobile. I found no error. On my laptop chrome issue is still there from which i was able to capture screenshot. This may happen that link was corrected in past days. But my chrome cookies are old so I can see issue still. @vijju123 you can once try on chrome pc/laptop. If you found no isuue then close this question. And if you find any issue then ping to admin and close this question. Because I don’t have karma to…

… close this post.:slight_smile:

I tried switching laptop it was working fine on chrome also. May be this is due to my old cookies. So,plz close this question.:slight_smile: