Snackdown 2018 round 1B

Why Snackdown 1B is extended by 7 hours???They just want more and more teams in next round??? Then why even they conducted this round??? Level of codechef competitions are going down day by day. They stopped following timing. Another disappointment after icpc.


This is disappointing. The contest should not have been extended. Things are not in order on Codechef :frowning:
Most of the times test cases are weak and now the changes in timings of an ongoing contest. Level of Codechef is degrading day-by-day.


they probably extended the competition due to the ranking problem. But anyway that actually changed nothing and it’s really frustrating to see, especially when you have to work that 7 hours when other will benefit from it.

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I talked to @admin .

There were some teams who got the idea that contest has been extended till 9pm because of registration timer - and mailed @admin today when they realized that contest ends at 2pm. To keep things fair, we decided to keep a constant cutoff so that the process is not unfair to anyone. :slight_smile:


what is the cutoff ?? only top 1500 teams proceeds to next round or the teams who solved at least 4 sums with points 400 or above since (all the teams have rank 400 at present whose score is 400)

Too many mistakes in a single contest.


Does the ranklist still have some issues ?
The search box is not working

Yes!!! Nothing works properly

Thanks for that constant cutoff part.

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350 points and above teams qualify.

I think you all are simply being too paranoid here. I honestly dont see any problem with extension under current circumstances.


but why are they taking all teams having score equal to 350 ??
because already 2400+ people got 350+ i.e >=400(even at 12 and even at 2 pm)…
why are they taking all people with 350 score ?

there are only 217 people with 350… let them be then… no issues…


I thought there might be huge amount of people and it can affect server in next short contest XD


vijju123 can you find out, why rank list institute filtering is not working ???

It earlier showed college name of only 1 person in team. Someone asked them to fix it, so they removed that as well and now team has no “college” to use filter with XD