when will the users who got qualified in snackdown 2019 qualifiers round will get their certificates ???

@vijju123 @admin please throw some light on this issue…

since i was a representative for my college
so many guys are asking the same question to me

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I will get back to you after consulting @admin . From my personal experience, it takes quite a lot of time.

Also, until then please ask them to complete their codechef profile (eg- Full name, etc.) as details might be taken from there.

Lastly, in case I miss any update/posts on discuss due to traffic, please mail them to me as well. That helps me to attend to issues quickly.

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Any update about Snackdown certificates?

next week has already gone no certificates till now ??

I am very serious about this

when will be snackdown2019 qualifiers certificates given ???

@admin @vijju123 please please say something and this time i want a valid answer ???

thanx for the answer !

I m waiting for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reminder, I will ping them and see what can be done about it.

She told me it will should be done by next week.

waiting for the certificates XD

@admin @vijju123 please please say something and this time i want a valid answer ???

Lol. I can only forward the dates she sends, I cannot make her do stuff or give her any deadline. I hope you know that.

what date she send this time ??