SnackDown 2020 date

When will be the online round for SnackDown 2020 held?
Last year the date was announced pretty early.


I’ve heard that this time chances of Snackdown being conducted are pretty low :frowning:


Yes …I want to knoww too and excited. .:heart_eyes:

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Well, that is confidential.

Isn’t it true that Snackdown has been happening every year since the year 2015 or something?

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I’m eagerly waiting for SnackDown 2020 because I hadn’t performed well in this year.


Are there any new updates regarding the current situation?

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for easy problems python is ok but for hard ones it is not but also there are very good coder of python,there is a GM also on codeforces so if you have a good command on python than it is surely ok to continue with that but yea c++ is fast so if u want to switch than switch asap

Will there be Snackdown This Year?

WinnieThePo…oh wait, can they ban me here ?