Is there any chance of codechef snackdown taking place this year ?
It’s a contest a lot of people eagerly await.



I am sorry in advance if there’s been any official announcement I am unaware of

I don’t think SnackDown 2020 will take place. Usually Snackdowns are hosted alternate years and there is 2019 Snackdown, so according to me, it should be hosted in 2021.

Bro i think we should (4* and below 4*) focus on our improvement in Data structure and Algorithms so that we can atleast stand upto elimination round against of those who qualify for finals.So according to me we should be more worried aboubt our coding skills beside of when snackdown will take place.I known with this level of preparation we cannot suffer to a long way and we will then spectate onsite event and that will be not good for us.(sorry if something offended u btw i dont care).
happy coding.

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True, its a long way until we can, but I was just asking because these competitions give a really good experience wherein you get to compete against the best coders out there and get motivation to become one :smile:

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what about working very hard getting our hand dirty with lots of codes and being a motivation person like them.Motivation is temporary bro motivation is fooling us since our childhood lets work hard and meet in next snackdown whenever it is happening best of luck :slight_smile:.

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