SnackDown 2021 is back!

Hi There!

I am so glad to announce that after a brief gap, SnackDown, CodeChef’s global annual programming contest, is back this year!

The pandemic created a big gap, but we are glad that we could make it happen now. The announcement went yesterday, and today I am messaging to invite your registrations for SnackDown 2021. Yes, the registrations are open and will end on October 19th. [Update - Registrations closed now]

There is one important change this year, w.r.t SnackDown - SnackDown 2021 will be an individual-participant contest and not a team competition.

Why this change?

With the current restrictions of maintaining social distancing, we deemed it imprudent to conduct the contest in a team setup. While we feel that team collaboration makes SnackDown a unique event, we believe it’s safer not to risk the health and safety of our participants. We will revert to team-based competition in the next iteration of SnackDown.

A few important details, I want you to note:

Registrations are open now and will be closed on October 19th.

  • The first Online Qualifier Round will be from Oct 15th till the 19th.
  • Online Qualifier Round 1A will be held between 21st - 23rd October, and,
  • Online Qualifier Round 1B will be held between 29th to 31st October.
  • Online Pre-elimination will be on 21st November, and,
  • Online Elimination will be on 5th December.
  • The Online Finale is scheduled to be held on 9th January 2022.

Register Here

SnackDown 2021 champion gets to take home a hefty cash prize of $10000 and a Gold Trophy. The first and second runner-ups will be awarded $7500 and $5000 respectively and trophies of the respective rank. There are many more prizes and cash awards for many other ranks and categories as well.

  • 4th to 25th Prize - $ 500
  • Top Indian Performer - $ 2000
  • Second Best Indian Performer - $ 1000
  • 3rd to 10th rank Indians - $ 250
  • Top School Student - $ 500
  • Second Best School Student - $ 250
  • Top Female Performer - $ 500
  • Second Best Female Performer - $ 250
  • Top School Student (Indian) - $ 250
  • Top Female Performer (Indian) - $ 250

‘* Atleast two problems must be solved to claim these prizes.

Apart from these prizes, you can also become the official CodeChef SnackDown Representative for your school/college/company, and earn rewards/merchandise. We have separate categories for our Global Reps and Indian Reps. Details are given on the Referral page of the website.

Apply to become a SnackDown Representative here

We have also created two Practice Contests for you - one with Beginner level problems and one with advanced level problems.

Practice Contest - Beginner

Practice Contest - Advanced

In addition, top CodeChef experts will take live sessions as part of a SnackDown 2021 preparatory series, on our YouTube channel.

To say that we’re elated to bring back SnackDown this year would be an understatement. We’re sure you share the emotion with us. No matter who you are, where you are, if you’re a coder at heart, you will code your heart out, this SnackDown.


Registration Link:


@admin The statement: Teams solving atleast one problem will advance to the next round round. needs correction as it’s an individual contest this year.

Thanks, fixed.

I couldn’t find qualifying criterias anywhere. What is the criteria to pass the first online qualifier , the one that is from Oct 15th till the 19th ?

It’s under Contest Details:

  • Participants solving at least one problem will advance to the next round.
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oh, thanks.

Best of luck for SNACKDOWN.


Is this rated contest? Will our ratings be affected?

No No, your rating will not be affected in this Contest. Best of luck for other rounds!!

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No T-Shirt for prize, so sad =(((.

Your submission for BINFLIP matches with the one that was leaked the same day.

@admin For the people who have qualified for the Pre-Eliminations, is there an option to participate in either Pre-Eliminations or CookOff, or is it necessary to participate in Pre-Eliminations?


They cannot participate in the cook off.

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@admin Will the ratings update after plagiarism check on Snackdown Pre-eliminations?