Snackdown 2021

I have 2 queries for the system of codechef laddus and prizes

  1. What about the laddus of attending in all rated (long, cookoff, lunchtime) contest in a year ? When this laddus will given who already participate 1year contest?

2.Does all category of Snackdown 2021 prizes for Indian contestant can also claim for Global Prizes ? I mean Indian have another category for prizes but they can also win Global prizes ?

What is the need to post this with an alt? I guess 1 year attendance prize is given when you get at least one scorable problem correct in every contest for 1 year.
For the second query, Indian participants are a subset of global participants, then it is common sense that all the rules apply to them as well.

1.5 year i have 1AC in all contest, but they don’t give any mail to me. Thats why i post, i recommend codechhef to check this category again.
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