Snackdown certificate not got

I didnt got snackdown certificate

I got mail regarding that but in cerficate tab nothing is there related to snackdown


Yeah…it is totally blank.

I can view my certificate here. There might be some issue, so wait for today :wink:

yeah i can also see my certificate here

Yes its blank and i have also received the mail for the same.

Some users got the email by mistake, and should have received another email right after that explaining the mistake.
If there are any others who still can’t access the certificate now, please let us know.

Sir… Good morning… I didnt get the certificate of snackdown contest… This is my mail… Please send the certificate… Thank you

Now, I can also see my certificates. Its working fine now.

@achanta_123 you have not even registered a team for Snackdown, why should you get the certificate ?

@harish_49 your certificate is present on your profile, you can check it here,

@siddharth9451 It’s there on your profile. Check it on .

Yeah … Got it thanks :slight_smile: