Snackdown goodie dispatch


is there any information regarding Snackdown 2015 T-shirt dispatch? I haven’t heard from organizers in a long time, so I was just wondering when could we expect the deliveries to happen?



@admin @anup @rudreshwar Look into this.

And I also Mailed them for my Goodies, they do not reply my email.

Most of the people I know have already received their goodies, i.e for the top 500 teams. Also, I confirmed that there goodies are for the top 500, and not for the teams which qualified for the onsite round.

Hi again,

I still didn’t receive my T-shirt, neither did any of my friends. Since none of us received anything, there has probably been some kind of an error in the process. Can you look into the matter?

Regards, Randomusername

I also didn’t received my T-shirt. I mailed codechef but didn’t received any reply. Please look into matter.’

Regards kaspers

I have not received the Snackdown t-shirt, even though my teammate received his two months ago :frowning:

me neither.

even i haven’t got mine one :frowning:

I haven’t received t-shirt as well. Would organizers please update the thread with estimated shipping date?
Thank you.

Hey All, We regret the inconvenience. We will check the status of all the pending goodies and will get them delivered to you at the earliest.

Any updates on that? Our team has not received t-shirts yet.
Thank you.

It’s the same for me. Even I haven’t received my goodies yet. @admin pl look into it.

Hi @nellex, we shall look into the issue and get it sorted. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Could you check if you have shipped my t-shirt?


4 months later, I still didn’t receive anything, and you didn’t even bother checking the status of my shipment. I sent three e-mails, and all were left unanswered. Can you please be less rude, and at least give me some kind of an answer? This is getting ridiculous.

@cjoa, we see that you haven’t filled your address details, could you please drop an email to with your address details? Thanks

@randomusername, we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We attempted to courier your goodies. But, unfortunately, your courier was returned to us, we shall try and send it to you again. Thanks for your patience.

@chanukya_p can you please check the status of my shipment?

Still nothing?

Hi @randomusername, All goodies are shipped and All Indian Team have already good their goodies. You’ll get your goodies soon.