Software dev or ML

Not sure if this a right place to ask such doubts
…but anyway.

So I am in a place where I am not able to decide btw software engineering and machine learning, I am entering 3rd sem right now ( @VIT )

ML was very fascinating at the start, but data kind of bores me, regarding software development I have not done anything related to it, yet. Other than cp if it’s remotely close…

Thus I have 2 questions:
1.) Since a lot of you in this site are most probably going for SD, can you share why SD?
2.) If I am pursuing SD, what should be my next step.

@aryanc403 @roastmaster1 @vijju123 @loopfree @l_returns.

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I’d prefer ML over SD…data sure does look boring, but with ML (DL and AI) your machine would be able to predict future data, recognize the surroundings, chat with you in plain English and so much more. The thought of creating a think-alike sure is amusing! :slight_smile:

Cool, may I know why do you do CP, because i don’t think CP is neccassary for ML…

Because I like programming, not to be ‘competitive’ necessarily, and I like to solve puzzles. I’m a working guy, which does not involve programming or ML, but still I love to study about them to expand my knowledge. The more, the merrier :slight_smile:

Oh, nice.