Solution to the problem cant be submitted now codechef campus

I am working on Codechef Campus
While submitting solution I am getting this error
“Solution to the problem cant be submitted now”
I have already uploaded test cases to the problem and the problem is on the contest test page I don’t know what’s causing this error
@admin @vijju123 please help

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Try reloading page 2-3 times .

Tag the forum admin @vijju123

Thats not the case he is taking about

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@vijju123 Please help its supposed to be urgent

tick “test data ready” on edit problem page. If problem persists ping me.

go to contest test page and submit.
You can delete these messages with screenshots.

I am submitting on contest page itself not working. Also tried deleting from contest test page and re-adding but doesnt work

Ping respective admin. I shouldn’t help more as it will be inappropriate .

Okay try adding “submission till date” and “end date” on contest configure page. And then you can ping admin (through email) if it doesn’t work.
2025-01-01 00:00:00
paste this.


That seemed to work like MAGIC
Thanks for telling me
Already wasted a lot of time in figuring this out.

Thanks again

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you’re welcome :slight_smile: \hspace{0mm}

Sorry, I am on personal leave till Monday due to some urgent work. Till then @l_returns can help you all :slight_smile:

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I’m currently in Practice session. Please tell me where I can find “submission till date” option?

You cannot find it unless you have access to campus