Solutions Visibility in Team Contests

Lets suppose that my teammate submits a solution from the team account, and it gives a WA verdict. If I want to debug the code written by my teammate, can I see that solution during the contest from my personal account?

@vijju123, can you help me out with this query?

AFAIK yes if the contest allows you to login from multiple PCs - but I needed that around 2-3 years ago when I first gave Snackdown. Not sure if it changed since then.

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Does it happen in ICPC Online Qualification Round? Are we allowed to submit from any of our personal accounts, or only from the team account?

Only one team account afaik.

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So, effectively, I cannot see my team submissions from my own personal account in the middle of the contest. Did I get it right?

I am not sure about submitting and viewing from another account. iirc it’s not allowed to view/submit from multiple accounts. Only team account can be used.
But it doesn’t matter. You can ask one person to submit :stuck_out_tongue:
Just mail him the code after writing it.


You won’t even be able to view the contest page from personal account AFAIK.

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But problems are available maybe. They gave some Google drive Link as well iirc ? Or it was some another contest :thinking:


Yes, you are right.(Although in starting 10 mins the link were not working.

Yup they will make sure that questions are not public before it starts. So might take 5 mins to add ques maybe. Though 10 mins seems more.

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