Solve FCTREE without MO's Algo

I tried to solve FCTREE without MO’s Algo. I calculated LCA using the sparse table and then moved along the table and calculated number of divisors using sieve method. On submission
I got runtime error for all subtasks. If someone can help or suggest some possible errors. Attached below is my code:

Product will give integer overflow.
you need to do prime factorisation of each node individually.

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sieve you used also gave me RE.
Probably its not made for >10^5

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Yeah then that might be the right reason. Thanks

try this one. this atleast gave me partial

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same happened to me

i used sieve also used hashmap but still getting RE
i think RE is coming because of memory limit exceed because of sparse table

No actually I was using different method for factorisation. It was giving TLE . Then changed it to the sieve used in OP then it started giving me RE. Segmentation fault.
Then I again changed the factorisation method (see my link) then it ran fine for subtask 1…
I didn’t change sparse table during this so I think it wasn’t sparse fault.

Same happened with mine. Though i didnot end up getting AC in any subtask. :pensive: