Solve this dsa problem in javascript

Minimize the integer

Problem Statement

Antonio got a very large integer as his christmas present from his parents. Antonio does not like large integers and hence decided to change a few digits of this integer and make it as small as possible.

But changing too many digits will make Antonio’s parents sad. More formally if Antonio changes more than K digits of the integer, his parents will become sad. Antonio does not want that to happen and hence will change at most K digits of the given integer.

Also if the final integer contains any leading zeroes, Antonio’s parents again become sad. So Antonio will perform the K changes in such a way that the final integer does not contain any leading zeroes.

Given the integer Antonio got and K(maximum number of changes Antonio can perform), print the minimum integer that Antonio can get.

Input Format

First line contians a single integer denoting the integer Antonio got as his christmas present.
Next line contains a single integer denoting K.

Output Format

Print the minimum integer that Antonio can get.

1<=number of digits in the integer<=10^5
1<=K<=number of digits in the integer
Its guaranteed that the given integer does not contain any leading zeros.

Sample Input 1



Sample Output 1


Explanation of Sample 1

Antonio can change the first digit to ‘1’ and change the second digit to ‘0’. It can be proved that 1099 is the minimum possible integer that Antonio can get.

// Function candidate has to implement
function minimiseTheInteger(n, k)


//Driver Code

var num = minimiseTheInteger(n,k);