Solved only 2 questions on april starters

How should i improve my programming skills meaning that what concepts should i have to learned to be able to solved at least 4 problems in a contest starters or in lunchtime.
I am only be able to solve first 2 problems.
I hope you are getting my point…


Same problem man I also solved only 2 que.

Same here. I was able to solve only first two questions. Can anyone suggest the topics that can improve our problem solving skills?

It happens in the beginning only. Since it takes sometime to give counter-logic to yourself why the logic does/not work while solving problems during contests. But it improves over the period like everything else. JUST DON’T GIVE UP. Since codechef hosts contest not very often, you have plenty of time to practice the problems. Eventually you’ll start feeling confident and the number of solves in a contest will go up. I CAN BET.

Let’s say you are not able to solve 3rd problem in a specific contest. Pick the 3rd problem in the last 10-15 contests, see what concept usually they(codechef) use.

What I have learned over the time, codechef has some set of concepts for each problem that they set. Identify those concepts, learn 'em, nail 'em. 3 months down the line, you’ll be answering these types of questions.

Hope this helps. Best of luck. :slight_smile:


keep upsolving, keep learning some frequently used algorithm like dfs,bfs, number theory algorithms,prefixsum, strings algorithms etc. and if you stuck at any problem then dry run on pen and paper, it is very helpful. don’t think about stars – jyada se jyada contest dete rho stars k bare m mat socho.