Solved practice problems counted as "Partially Solved"

Many problems which I have solved full 100pts are counted as partially solved in my account’s record. It creates unnecessary confusions when I am solving the actual partially solved ones.
@admin can you please look into the matter ?

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I posted about this previously also but no measures were taken…

This happened with the Biteration rated test. But it was external, so can’t complain, idk what’s the problem though, it pricks in the eye

Other than Biteration also the problem persists…

I didn’t notice such problem in official codechef contests, probably because I’ve participated in 2-3 contests only

There were 30’s of posts made because of this, but I think codechef developers lack “Customer Obsession” principle.
Highly bad, then.


I do not know what is the criteria followed to solve the issues. But I would recommend the developers to solve critical to minor issues rather than vice versa.

Even I mailed them 2 months before,

Exact quote

*Hi developer, *

*I understand and I knew already that it doesn’t affect my ratings. But the problem I do face is, I try to always pick my Partially solved problems and make it fully solved. Since the fully solved problems are also displayed in partially solved, it confuses me in the long run and even after 2-3 days. *

I suppose this is not a free-to-delay bug as most people’s have already started to speak about this in forums.

Please get this fixed as soon as possible (Please prioritize this bug and release an update in the immediate next deployment).

Now mainly the problem is… If I take a question from the practice section and am able to get correct answer in the first submission then only it is considered as “Fully_solved” else if you submit it in the second chance or later it is considered “Partially_Solved” .
A typical bug !!!
@admin must look into it after so many posts.

I am having the same issue.

same thing happens with me too, but i thought that solving any questions from past contest gives such type of problem others unrated contest problem are count in fully solved