solving problems related to dynamic programming

Hi all,

I have recently started solving questions on codechef and other programming related sites. Being a beginner, I am able to solve problems basic in nature but get stuck on dynamic programming. I somehow havent been able to pick up the concept even though I have read some tutorials.

I wanted to ask where can a beginner like me solve some basic dynamic programming questions and then gradually come to level of questions asked on codechef. Any suggestions related to sites where I can find such questions would be very helpful.

Also, have I posted the question clearly? I am new to such forums and so do not know the proper etiquette in posting the questions and wording them here.



Hi Anant!

Usually, when I have doubts about dynamic programming, I look up to videos, they have helped a lot.
A channel in YouTube I really like is: Youtube - saurabhschool
I think this guy explains a lot well.

Another site where you can see problems based on their categories, is this selection made by Harta at Codeforces.

Hope I helped you, bye!

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You can go through these links also , these links are really helpfull . I learned a lot from these links for all problems related to DP and is nice tutorial by CODECHEF i like it… may be you too…:slight_smile: and do practise practise and practise…:slight_smile:

Thanks wyllian

The blog entry is really nice. I would start practicing with those problems. I also found an entry, in case it would be useful for people.

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