Some authors and editorialists not replying on forum

It has become absolutely clear that whenever some authors are assigned to write editorials for problems on codechef contests, they don’t feel the responsiblity to respond to doubts in the discussion forum related to the editorials. I hope that the @admin takes a serious look in to this matter.
I hope that other fellow coders will also agree with me on this fact.
I am eagerly waiting for codechef to take necessary steps against this thing

I am extremely surprised to find that my post was removed instead of addressing the major issue.Is it not ok to raise questions regarding problems on codechef?
I have not offended anyone as per the community guidelines.
I am expecting now that @admin will block my account instead of addressing the problem.
@ vijju123 Sir, I would request you to kindly look into this matter.

As a May20 foreign setter I deeply disagree with you. There was not a single question I didn’t attend in the editorial, even checking others code or analyzing alternative approaches. I invite you to review you point of the “foreing” relation on this.

Side note: smelskiy was not an author, he was the tester.

[UPDATE] I see you updated your post and I appreciate you reviewed some of the assertions.


Such ridiculous generalizations have no place in our forum, particularly when it has such a toxic angle to it. So yes, you will be banned if this continues.

What you are claiming is patently false, and there are numerous counter examples in both directions. Get your facts right, and stop spewing hatred on the forum.

The underlying issue is that some editorialists don’t respond to queries on the forum, and that is a legitimate issue to raise, and would have been replied to properly, if you hadn’t also put in this utterly stupid generalization. As such, your post is going to be heavily edited, and you will be silenced for a day.


Its wrong to take it in such hostile manner. Most people who dont respond have issues like time constraints. Answering everyone’s questions is a big task for that single guy - esp. when people don’t even do basic debugging before posting questions.

If you think from a third person point of view, you will realize that you interpretting no response from those setters as them looking down on you (or people like you) is actually a very classical example of inferiority complex/underconfidence. You should definitely overcome that, it will help you in the long run. :slight_smile: