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How do I develop in programming with the c language ? Because I really wanna start competing on Code Chef and would like hurry and do that !

I am a beginner too so not much advice to be given , but if you are asking about just getting started on Codechef , I would recommend going to the beginner practice section and start by solving problems with the maximum submissions.
Never miss the long challenges because they are a very good way to learn for beginners.
If you face any problems , just google it out . I find everything I need on GfG.

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Anyone else have a answer

If you’re serious, consider learning C++ or Java, some questions get way out of reach in C.

You’ll need Standard Template Library (STL) to solve many questions.

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I suggest you read the first 7 chapters of this book and read up a good tutorial on c++ stl.

Ofcourse, you should regularly solve questions from the beginner section on codechef (sort them by accuracy) and participate in the competitions on codechef. I’ll suggest you at least participate in long challenge and the lunchtime.

Be patient and start practicing as practicing is the sole key to do better.
You can start solving beginner problems on Codechef randomly or just google some easy topics and find a way to learn them, either by reading a book or even by watching youtube tutorials(whatever suits you well).
You can also find a well-detailed description and a road map to competitive programming at CodeMonk.
Happy Coding!!


@sam_mit why did u delete this? It was good


Never hurry. Go slow, go in depth.