Some problem with online compiler?

When I Run a program using Code Chef’s online compiler, most of the time , I have to do it a couple of times for making it work. Does this happen with anyone else?
It shows “Time Limit Exceeded” quite often for me.

do you provide input each time? Maybe different issue but it works fine for me.

Yes it’s like, I Run it first time, it shows “Time Limit Exceeded” , I Run it again, it shows the message again, and the third time , it runs, and after that, it’s even submitted properly, the only issue comes with Running .
Also it’s not predictable at all so it leaves me wondering weather who is wrong.

Most of online compiler have a predefined time limit. If your code takes more time than that they will show you time limit exceed. You should try to run your code locally and check if there is an issue with your code.

I thought I made it clear. The problem is that (even when the solution is correct) out of the 4 times that I push Run, First three times , it’ll show “Time Limit Exceeded” with 5 seconds as the time taken , , And magically , fourth time, it’ll show “Successful” within 0.01 seconds!
Yeah it sounds strange , but it’s exactly what I just told you

becomes you don’t provide input and program keeps waiting for the input

I have faced something like this. When I ran the code it showed me RTE and I again ran it then it gave me some o/p. I don’t know the reason why it happened. (it was not AC code)

I think this is a real problem , and they should do something about it