Someone please create expected onsite ranklist

Will leave here with a link to last year’s blog.

@babangain ?

Amritapuri selection criteria
Kanpur selection criteria
Kharagpur’s selection criteria under Contest rules.

This year’s rank list

Any comment related to unfairness of current rank list here will result in comment getting flagged as spam. There are separates posts regarding them.



@aryanc403 I couldn’t find my team in that list.
We came at 1108 rank

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MOSS is the only thing can which can make people invisble from ranklists.


Haha…:joy::joy: Btw try Ctrl + F, ranks have changed i think

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Will try @aryanc403


Check again. :wink:

I made the ranklist for Amritapuri:
This is how I extracted it:

Note: This is just the ranklist, not the list of people qualifying, as it depends on other variables, and I don’t have time for that right now.


Can you please give the list of Amritapuri i.e people who registered.

Thanks BTW.

Can’t open the link.

Here are the teams list:

Kharagpur teams

Amritapuri teams


Do you have the team list for Kanpur??

Goto baylor website and click on your team name for Kanpur regionals. Then the last part of the link next to the green jigsaw icon (not the one next to the cup) is the region’s ID (If the link is, the id is 16098). Now to get the list of teams, open{{ID}}?q=proj:institution,country,name,status%3B&page=1&size=4000
Here replace {{ID}} by the integer ID, in the above case 16098.


Thanks a ton :smile:

My team was rank 947. But this ranklist shows my rank 719. Will rank decrease by 200s?

Kharagpur rankwise list(0-indexed):


Make a list for amritapuri ,kanpur and Gwalior+pune also

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Kharagpur ranklist with only top rank from each institute (0-indexed)

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Kanpur ranklist: Top 15 teams+ Top teams from each institute.

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