Sort Questions in SPOJ(Web app)

Hello coders,

As we all face problem in finding history of submission for a particular user in SPOJ, i have created a python script to do the same.

It basically crawls through a user’s page and generate a list of questions correctly answered, sorted in ascending order(according to time of submission).

So, next time you want to know the order in which top rated coder on SPOJ solved problems, refer this :

Just enter your spoj handle.

Example : my spoj handle is @chunky_2808, so i have to just enter chunky_2808.

Hope it Helps.

Update 1 : Link to Script(github) :

Update 2: Link to DJango app(github) :

Update 3: Hosted/deployed on :

Update 4: Next time, you want to solve questions on Spoj according to TAGS and want to sort it by no of users, simply use the below link:

Deployed on :

Suppose you want to solve problems of Dynamic Programming(, then simply add dynamic-programming in the box and you will get the questions sorted according to no of users.


How to use this script??
Can you please explain in brief

You can use the web App link :

Just enter your Spoj Username on above link.

What’s the use of this?

@shraeyas some apps are made so that we can learn something while making them.

@shraeyas If you want to solve problems on SPOJ in order, any other person has solved, then you can use it .
Say, you want to do questions on spoj in same order as darkshadows, then just enter darkshadows and you can see the order in which he solved the questions.

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@aryanc403 i was asking what’s the use of it. I could not get it. It was only showing my submissions when i opened it, so i thought i must be missing something.

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@chunky_2808 woow!! I was waiting for this :slight_smile:

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I tried it,however it isnt showing me any results,i just wrote the spoj username

Please check it now.

Just a feedback,all the stuff is good,the only thing that is irritating is the background,it makes things hard to read :slight_smile:

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